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All games will be played at Tennessee Rugby Park at 8051 Oak Ridge Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37931 directly across the street from SportsPark in Karns. Please remember to have each player fill out and turn in a waiver form at the field house at the park BEFORE you play in any games.

We have split the Semi-Pro Division into A and B divisions. No teams were moved down from Pro and no teams from Rec were moved up. We will revisit this prior to the playoffs to help ensure we have as evenly matched competition across the divisions as possible. The full second half schedule can be viewed here.

Semi-Pro A Division: TBA, All Americans, The Expansion Team, Scallywags, Lonsdale Trash

Semi-Pro B Division: Mean Machine, West Knox Boys, Misfits, Titans

Week 5 - Sunday, October 2

All teams that have a "(2)" by their name have two games that day.
12:30 fld 1 Rec Banshees v. Lookin to Score
12:30 fld 2 Pro/Semi Run n Gun v. All Americans (2)
12:30 fld 3 Semi A/B The Expansion Team v. West Knox Boys (2)
1:30 fld 1 Semi A TBA v. Lonsdale Trash (2)
1:30 fld 2 Semi A/B Scallywags v. West Knox Boys (2)
1:30 fld 3 Rec Pull Me For a Good Time v. No Punt Intended - Rec (2)
2:30 fld 1 Pro/Semi Lonsdale Trash (2) v. Team Elite (2)
2:30 fld 2 Semi A/B All Americans (2) v. Titans (2)
2:30 fld 3 Rec No Punt Intended - Rec (2) v. Quarter Pounders (2)
4:00 fld 1 Pro Team Elite (2) v. No Punt Intended - Pro (2)
4:00 fld 2 Semi B Titans (2) v. Misfits (2)
4:00 fld 3 Rec Quarter Pounders (2) v. Trumpinators
5:00 fld 1 Pro No Punt Intended - Pro (2) v. ATA (2)
5:00 fld 2 Semi B Misfits (2) v. Mean Machine
5:00 fld 3 Rec Untouchables v. Balls Deep
6:00 fld 1 Pro Ragin' Cajuns v. ATA (2)

BYE: None

Weather Information

If weather is going to affect the status of any games, each captain will receive a text update from the league on any cancellations and makeup games. Additionally, you may call (865) 300-8763 NO EARLIER than 2 hours prior to the first game of the day. During the season, we will not have any information or make any decisions on any games any earlier than this time. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kffltn for any updates as well.

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