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Fall 2014 Season Registration: Sunday, August 3rd

Fall 2014 Season Begins: Sunday, August 24th

Welcome to the Knoxville Flag Football League and we hope you are looking forward to the Fall 2014 Season as much as we are. We have some big changes for the upcoming season so please be sure to read all of the details carefully. We added and updated some rules beginning with the Spring 2014 season to make the league itself as well as the games more fun, competitive and a better overall league for years to come. These changes all proved to be a success as the games were  overall more competitive, the leagues were more evenly matched and the overall strategy of play was much improved. The KFFL has been fortunate to have quality players and participation for the past 16 years and we aim to provide the best overall league experience for all involved.

This new website will allow for helpful new enhancements such roster additions, rules announcements, a better community and much more. Please let us know if there is anything you'd like to see as we grow the league and this site. We will continue to add content as the Fall 2014 season approaches and of course through the year.

Latest News

Knoxville Flag Football League

First Standings Released for Fall

We have released the first standings of the Fall season and those can be seen using the links in the navigation bar. Thank you for your patience as we have implemented a new system to track standings which will make our record keeping much easier. Also, this system helps to create a season by season…

Knoxville Flag Football League

Fall 2014 Week 1 Schedule

This season, we will release the first four weeks of the regular season. After week 4, the Semi-Pro Division will split into two divisions and the final schedule will be posted here. The first week of the Spring 2014 season is listed below: (P) Pro Division, (SP) Semi-Pro Division, (RC) Recreation Division. Please check back…

Knoxville Flag Football League

Fall 2014 Season Registration Details

First, please be sure you have read all information regarding the new league format for 2014 as well as the new rule changes we are introducing for this season. Some of these rules will affect the players you will be allowed to have on your roster. Our registration event will be at Dead End BBQ…

Knoxville Flag Football League

Semi-Pro Division Split Announcement

After week 4, we have evaluated all teams in the Semi-Pro Division and have split them into two divisions: Semi-Pro A and Semi-Pro B. For the remainder of the season and playoffs, Semi-Pro teams will only play teams within their new group (A only plays A, B only plays B). Each new division will have…