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The final standings of the Spring 2024 season have been finalized. Teams that were in a tiebreaker of 3 or more teams that did not play everyone else in the same tiebreaker were seeded by Net Points. All other ties were broken by head to head record.

The playoff brackets for each division are available in the main menu. Games will be played starting this Sunday, May 5th in a single elimination format. All teams make the postseason tournament in their division.

General Info:

  • All Semi-Pro and Recreation Division teams can have a maximum of THREE players that also play in an upper division.

    *** No player can play on any team, for any reason, on two teams in the same division. If you choose to have players from an upper division on your team, the league will not guarantee that those teams will not play at the same game time during the regular season or playoffs. It it the responsibility of the player to decide which team they play on if a conflict occurs.



How much does a team cost?

All divisions are $575 per team. This includes your league fee and ten standard jerseys. When you register, you will have the option to add additional jerseys, upgrade your jersey material, ink color, etc. for an additional cost. All teams will pay the referees at the coin toss of each game $20 per team.

I do not have a team to register. How can I get involved?

You can register as an individual and we will find you a team for the season. You can continue to try to find a team on your own through our social media channels or if you find one through scrimmages at local parks. If you find a team on your own, we will refund your registration fee. Individual registration fee is $75 per player.

What are the age groups for participation? Do you have a youth program?

All players must be at least 16 years old to participate. All players ages 16-19 will be required to have the waiver form signed by a parent. The typical age range is 20 years of age and up and we have a few teenage players as well as players in their 40s or 50s each year.The Knoxville Flag Football League (KFFL) currently does not offer any youth or children’s programs and are unfortunately not aware of any. Please contact Knoxville City Parks Department or Knox County Parks and Recreation to inquire about any programs in the area.

Are women allowed to participate? Is there a co-ed division?

We currently do not offer any women’s or co-ed divisions, but there are no restrictions on women participating on any teams.

What division should I sign up for?

The Pro division will be our highest competition level, the semi-pro division is typically close to the same competition level as Pro and the Recreation Division is designed for teams new to flag football or requiring a lower level of competition. We will review all teams after registration and move teams up or down divisions if necessary.After Week 4 and after the regular season, we will adjust divisions as needed as well to help ensure fair competition and to try and prevent sandbagging.

Can I play on multiple teams?

Players are allowed to play on multiple teams in different divisions only, however we cannot guarantee or cannot always schedule all of your teams at different times. Teams in the Semi-Pro and Recreation Divisions are allowed to have a total of three players on their roster from an upper division. These players are not interchangeable and must be declared prior to the beginning of the season. If you lose one of those players or they do not show up for a game, you will not be allowed to replace them with another upper division player, even on a temporary basis.If one of your teams is moved up due to our fair play policy, those players will have to choose which team they play on for the remainder of the season. You cannot play on two teams from the same division at any time.Failure to obey this policy will result in both teams potentially forfeiting games. Captains are responsible for knowing their rosters and who participates.

Can I request game times during the season?

Unfortunately due to the amount of players and individual needs, we cannot accept any requests for your schedule during the season. The only thing we are able to accommodate is if you need to have a bye week for any reason. If any team has a bye during the season, they will play a double header on another regular season week.

Do all teams make the playoffs?

Yes, all teams will play 8 regular season games and be eligible for the post-season, single elimination tournament in your division.

Team Registration

Click here to register your team or use the menu to fill out the registration form. You will select your team’s desired division, jerseys and colors, quantities, captain and team roster. Teams may modify their roster through Week 4, however, players may not switch teams within the same division without league approval. Continuing for Fall 2023 – Team Jerseys will be shipped to the team captain prior to your first games. Please read all instructions on the registration form and fill out your address carefully.

Individual Registration

Click here to register as an individual or use the menu to fill out the registration form. We will try to place you with a team that best fits your position and team needs.


Games will be be played at Tennessee Rugby Park at 8051 Oak Ridge Hwy, Knoxville, TN 37931 and directly across the street from SportsPark in Karns. Please remember to have each player fill out and turn in a waiver form at the field house at the park BEFORE you play in any games.

Weather Information

If weather is going to affect the status of any games, each captain will receive a text update from the league on any cancellations and makeup games. Additionally, you may call (865) 300-8763 NO EARLIER than 2 hours prior to the first game of the day. During the season, we will not have any information or make any decisions on any games any earlier than this time. Also, be sure to follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/kffltn for any updates as well.